The other me Rachael Aligbe

The Other Me by Rachael Aligbe

The Other Me by Rachael Aligbe
Episode 11

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Nedu had just come out of the bathroom. After a busy day, a hot shower was inevitable. He was yet to recover from the event that took place that evening.

There were too many questions running through his mind. Inasmuch as he had wanted to ask his mother a lot of questions, he resolved to be patient till the next day before asking questions since would meet with Nonso later in the day. To prevent any form of suspicion, he had dinner even though he wasn’t hungry and retired to bed early.

As Nedu set out to work, he wished the day would be very fast. Nature must have heard him because the day was actually fast. When it was evening, he left the office and headed for the address that Nonso had sent to him via text message. When he got to the laundry, he was about to dial Nonso’s number, when he saw Nonso approaching him.

They exchanged pleasantries and went to a nearby eatery where they could chill and discuss.

They placed their orders and talked about life, their childhood, growing up, family and a host of other things.

Nedu invited Nonso for his birthday.

“When is your birthday?” Nonso asked.

“On the fifth of next month; that’s in a few weeks’ time” Nedu replied casually.

Nonso burst into laughter amidst series of ‘no way’

A confused Nedu asked “What is it? What’s funny? Why are you laughing?”

“That happens to be my birthday.” Nonso said.

It was Nedu’s turn to react.

“No way! How come? I knew it. I knew that there was more to this similarity.” Nedu said.

“Even if we say we would ask questions, I don’t know who I can ask since my mum and dad are late.” Nonso said.

“Hmmmm…, that’s true. I guess I would have to ask my mother but she might not take me seriously. So I was thinking, how about you come over to my place tomorrow since it is a Saturday.” Nedu said.

“That wouldn’t be a problem. Just send me the address. Three in the afternoon would be fine, right?” Nonso asked.

“Don’t worry. I will pick you up by half past two in the afternoon.” Nedu replied.

“Okay, it is fine. I should be at home by then.” Nonso concluded.

“Let me drop you off at your place since it is getting late.” Nedu said.

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