The other me Rachael Aligbe

The Other Me by Rachael Aligbe

The Other Me by Rachael Aligbe
Episode 12

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They were approaching Nedu’s house.

Nonso quietly took in the view. The edifice was something out of this world. The atmosphere exuded wealth. One who gets close to the building would smell money. He was so lost examining the house and its surroundings that he didn’t hear Nedu when he welcomed him to his abode.

It was the barking dogs that brought him back to planet Earth.

“Don’t worry about them, they are just welcoming us.” Nedu assured Nonso.

Nonso had every right to be terrified he had not gotten over his experience with a raging dog many years ago.

Nedu walked him into the living room and went to get his mother.

He knocked on her room door and entered when she beckoned on him to do so.

“Good afternoon mum.” He greeted.

“How are you doing? Welcome back.” Mrs. George replied.

“I am fine mum. Thanks mum. Can you spare ten minutes of your time? There’s someone I would like you to meet.” He asked.

“Of course, let’s go.” She replied excitedly thinking he brought home a lady.

When she got downstairs and approached the living room, she stopped in her tracks when Nonso turned to look at who was approaching. She made to speak but words failed her.

“Good afternoon ma” Nonso greeted.

There was still a pin-drop silence.

Nedu held his mum and said, “Mum, meet Nonso – Chinonso.”

“Afternoon dear; how are you doing?” she finally responded when she found her voice.

“I am fine ma” Nonso replied.

“Mum I am glad that you are as shocked as I was days ago when our paths crossed” Nedu said.

“The resemblance is too much.” She said.

“Yes mum and we were born the same day.” He said.

“No way!” she exclaimed.

“He is right ma. I am here with my birth certificate.” Nonso said and picked up an envelope. He was thankful that he brought it with him.

“Wait a minute! Nedu, go and bring yours” she replied.

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