The other me Rachael Aligbe

The Other Me by Rachael Aligbe

The Other Me by Rachael Aligbe
Episode 17 (Final Episode)

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Nonso had completed his Masters and had begun to work in one of his father’s companies. Ada and her husband were living in the city of Abuja with their two children and another one on the way. Ada was a well-known successful event planner in the city of Abuja. Ngozi was a certified Business Administration, Chigozie was a certified Accountant and Uchenna was a certified Financial Analyst and had begun to work in Mr. George’s companies upon completion of their tertiary education.


For their thirtieth birthday, Nonso and Nedu invited their girlfriends and officially introduced them to their parents. Mr. and Mrs. George were elated. Mrs. George was extremely happy and relieved because she would see her grandchildren. That evening, Nonso told Nedu that he wanted to take him somewhere. After driving for a while, they came to the grave yard reserved for the elite and Nonso parked the car. When they came to a twin grave stone engraved Mr Chigioke Okocha and Mrs. Felicia Okocha, they halted.

“Twinnie, this is our father and mother. I had people move their coffins from where they were initially buried because they deserve this. Mum and Dad, meet the other me.”

Nedu stooped low and read the inscriptions. The gates of tears had been open and tears flowed freely.

“I was wondering when you would bring me here. Thanks Twinnie. Mum and Dad even though I didn’t get to meet with you when you were alive, I am grateful to you for giving me siblings especially the other me.”


The George and Okocha’s families had double celebration as Nedu and Nonso got married the same day and had a joint wedding. Guess what!!! Their wives were also identical twins.

During the Closing Remark, Nonso expressed his gratitude to God for ever being faithful and making the fifth verse of the thirtieth verse in the Book of Psalm a reality in their lives. He thanked His parents for their support. He thanked his siblings and their spouses for their love. He thanked the other him for being the other him. He thanked the guests for being present to share in their joy.

When it was Nedu’s turn, he simply said, “The other me has said it all.”

I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Jeremiah 29:11.

Even when it doesn’t look like it, be assured that the Beginning and the End never sleeps nor slumber.

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