The other me Rachael Aligbe

The Other Me by Rachael Aligbe

The Other Me by Rachael Aligbe
Episode 3

The other me Rachael Aligbe

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They were convinced that it wasn’t tears of joy when the tears entered another frequency. She told them that she had come to be delivered of a baby – one baby and not two babies. Also, she told them that when they’re cleaning them up, they should bring only one and do whatever they want to do with the other.

Mr. George had been called by Ngozi that his wife had been delivered of a baby boy. He was elated and immediately boarded the next flight home. Within five hours, he was in the hospital. He was shown the ward where his wife and baby were in. They were fast asleep when he walked in while Ngozi watched them. He walked to the cradle where his baby lay soundly. He carried him and began to bless him as his eyes were filled with tears of joy. He put the baby in his cradle and looked at his wife. He kissed her lightly on the forehead and she opened her sleepy eyes.

“My love, thanks for giving me a son. I am so overwhelmed with joy. You’ve made me fulfilled. In fact in three months’ time, we’ll be going on a vacation to any country of your choice.” He said.

Thankful that her husband was with her she replied, “Thank you for not giving up on us. Thank you for choosing to stay with me all these years of waiting. You’re simply the best.”

“You deserve all the love. You stuck with me when I had nothing. You believed in me when you said ‘I do’ even if you knew that I stayed in a room apartment. I can’t wait to take you and our son home. When will you be discharged?”

“The doctor said as soon as we’re ready to go home.” She replied.

“Okay love. Let me see the doctor and make the necessary payment. I’ll be right back.” He said.

He came back with the doctor few minutes later and exited the hospital after the doctor had checked them.

Do you think Mrs. Okocha made the wrong decision? What would you have suggested?

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