The other me Rachael Aligbe

The Other Me by Rachael Aligbe

The Other Me by Rachael Aligbe
Episode 6

the other me

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On the eighth day, Mr. and Mrs. George had named their son Chinedu. True to his word, when Nedu was six months old, they travelled to Dubai for a three-month vacation. Even though he wanted them to embark on the journey when Nedu was three months old, he was advised against it with the reason that Nedu wasn’t strong enough to embark on any trip. Since he was their only child, he enjoyed the luxury of life.

He was showered with gifts constantly. He always had a new set of toys whenever his father returned from any business trip. Soon, he had a closet full of toys. He went to the best primary school. Although his father had wanted him to have his Secondary School education abroad, his mother was against it.

She told him that Nedu was too young to be without parental control and she still wanted more time with him, concluding that he could attend university abroad. He obliged – like he had a choice. Nedu was a bright kid in Secondary school. Since he attended one of the best Secondary Schools in Nigeria, by the time he was in Grade twelve, he had learned how to play about three instruments.

the othr me firm

He studied law abroad and he became a Barrister at the age of twenty three. When he returned to Nigeria, he had his law firm, courtesy of his parents. Within one year, he had handled about seventeen cases; he had won sixteen cases. Things seemed to work in his favour. Soon, his mother began to talk to him about having his own family because it was time for her to become a grandmother. Then the search for a life partner began.

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