The other me Rachael Aligbe

The Other Me by Rachael Aligbe

The Other Me by Rachael Aligbe
Episode 8

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In a few weeks’ time, Chinedu would turn twenty five. To celebrate his silver jubilee, Mrs. George decided that it was ideal to throw a party. This was a camouflage to get him a wife since he delayed in getting one. She made an invitation card and sent it to her friends and her husband’s friends in the elite class; especially those that had daughters of marriageable age.

the other me

Nedu didn’t bother about inviting friends cos he didn’t have any.

While at work, he decided to drive round town a little after work in a bid to discover some new relaxation spots where he could hang out when he wanted to be alone.


With his birthday eighteen days away, Nonso wasn’t too excited about it because he concluded that it was going to be like every other day to him. There were other important things he had to think about. There were a lot of pending bills to pay. Like every other day, he went to the laundry.

When he arrived, Yomi, his colleague asked him if he was a twin.

“Twin? How na? Na only me waka enter this world o. Na only me my mama born carry go house o.” Nonso answered.

“So you mean it wasn’t you that I saw in that SUV convertible…. I was even surprised that you didn’t come in it sef. Kai! The resemblance too much abeg. E fit be say na your twin from heaven since God create everyone two two” Yomi continued.

“Wo, guy, let me go and iron those starched clothes abeg. I still have bills to pay.” Nonso said and went to the ironing table.

At the end of the day, his Oga gave him some money because he had overheard their discussion.

Nonso counted it.

“At least this will cover some of the bills. I won’t even bother about collecting what them Ada would make from today’s hustle. I will just tell them to get some okrika (fairly used) clothes for themselves. That will be my oyoyo for them. If I do one or two hustle between now and next tomorrow, I should be able to get the enough money to pay all those gbese. So help me God. Papa God, abeg bless my hustle. Send helper my way o.” He spoke to himself.

At the end of the day’s hustle, Nonso decided to walk home since he was able to make ten thousand naira and he couldn’t risk taking from it to fly bike home. Besides, he was just thirty minutes away from home.

Lost in thought on his way home, a car zoomed past him, halted and reversed.

The driver called out to him.

“Good evening bros, please, I am looking for….”

Nonso raised his head to look at who was speaking to him.

Time stood still…

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