The other me Rachael Aligbe

The Other Me by Rachael Aligbe

The Other Me by Rachael Aligbe
Episode 9

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They looked at each other dumb founded.

Their hands did the talking as they gestured to each other.

Nonso finally broke the silence.

“This is unbelievable…” He said trying to think of what to say.

“How can this be? Do you stay around here?” Nedu asked.

“Yes, I do. I live down the street.” Nonso said.

“Let me drop you off then because I think there is a lot we need to talk about.” Nedu replied.

“It’s okay” Nonso said and entered the car. “You must be the person my colleague was talking about earlier today. I am Chinonso by name. Chinonso Okocha” he continued.

“I am Chinedu George. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

“Same here” Nonso replied. “I will be alighting here. Thank you.”

“You mean you stay here?” Nedu said looking at the state of the surrounding.

“Yes I do.” Nonso replied.

As he alighted from the car, passers-by threw glances at the two of them.

Coincidentally, his siblings were sitting outside enjoying the cool breeze since there was no power supply. Upon seeing him, they approached him.

When they saw the driver, they froze and looked back and forth at the two of them countless number of times.

Nedu and nonso burst into laughter and were enjoying the reactions they got from Nonso’s siblings and other neighbours joined them.

Oga Chibuzor, their next door neighbor just returned from work and was going into the house when he saw the two of them.

“Nonso, how far? Na your twin brother be this? You no tell us say na ejima (twin) you be” he hailed.

“Bros, I dey hail oh” he greeted Nedu.

“Good evening sir” Nedu replied.

“Una well done o” Oga Chibuzor greeted Nonso’s siblings.

They nodded their heads in response as they were still lost for words.

“It’s already late and they would be worried at home. How about we meet tomorrow after work because we obviously have a lot to talk about?” Nedu said.

“It is fine. Be safe. Give me a call when you arrive. My number is 080XXXXXXXX.” Nonso replied while Nedu typed the number on his phone.

Nedu zoomed off after he bid them farewell.

Nonso’s siblings followed him into the house because he had a lot of questions to answer; he knew this too.

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