the unforgettable encounter

The Unforgettable Encounter

Episode 2
the unforgettable encounter
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On one of those days, after Jeremiah dropped off a passenger and had called it a day, he was stuck in a traffic jam on his way home. He consoled himself with the thought of the sumptuous meal that awaited him at home. Then, he discovered that his car was overheating. Instantly, he turned off the ignition. He didn’t open the bonnet immediately because it wasn’t advisable to do so. He sat on the road divider for about thirty minutes.

The Unforgettable Encounter

When it was safe to open the car bonnet, he poured water into the radiator but discovered that as he was pouring the water, it was pouring on the floor. Also, the car refused to start. He called a tow company and in less than twenty minutes, a tow truck towed the car to a mechanic workshop.

After checking the radiator, carburetor and other parts, the mechanic told him that the carburetor and radiator needed to be replaced. He was silent for a while and he told the mechanic that he would return the next day since it was getting late.

On his way home, he did a mental calculation of the cost of replacing them and how he would get the funds to replace them since the money he had at hand wouldn’t suffice.

The Unforgettable Encounter

When he got home, he drank a cup of water and went straight to bed after he told Abigail his ordeal.

As early as half past eight the next morning, Jeremiah was on his way to the mechanic workshop. He was still pondering on where he would get the money to fix the car when an eye-popping, neck-turning black Benz with black rims drove past him. It halted, reversed and stopped beside him.

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    1. Thank you Emmanuel. You are right. It is very much easier to focus on things that are not working especially with the high rate of competition among peers. Thank you for your feedback; it is well appreciated.

  1. Hi,
    Wow… I am still trying to breathe… How things change.
    John’s incredible encounter is what I eager to hear next.

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