The Unforgettable Encounter

the unforgettable encounter
Episode 5

the unforgettable encounter

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About ninety minutes later, George slowed down at the gate of an edifice and honked. The gate opened. As they drove in, Jeremiah noticed that the gateman controlled the gate with a remote.

When George parked at the car park, they alighted from the vehicle and entered into the house. George ushered him to the living room.

“Welcome to my humble abode. Please be seated” George said.

“Thank you” Jeremiah said and continued, “Your place is lovely.”

George smiled and said, “Bro, stop whining me.”

A maid came in and welcomed them.

“Welcome sir. Good afternoon sir.” Ijeoma greeted them.

“Thank you Ijeoma. How are you doing?” George asked.

“I am fine, thank you sir.” She replied.

“Good. Please get a bottle of champagne and two wine glasses.” George said.

“Okay sir” Ijeoma replied and left.

In less than a minute, she returned with the bottle of champagne and two wine glasses and served them.

“Thank you. That’s all for now.” George said.

“Thank you.” Jeremiah said.

“Yes sirs” Ijeoma replied and left.

The Unforgettable Encounter

“Back to our conversation; I would like you to oversee my projects. Don’t think it would be for free oh. I would pay you the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand naira monthly. Would that be enough?” George asked.

“Managing your projects would not be a challenge; it is the least I could do. Two hundred and fifty thousand naira monthly is more than enough for me. Thank you.” Jeremiah said.

The joy in him made him to dance in the spirit.

“I am the one that should be thanking you. I have been thinking of whom I can trust to oversee my projects. I am so grateful to God for making me to see you today.” George said with utmost joy.

“It is nothing.” Jeremiah replied.

“I would like to take my leave now. My wife and son would be expecting me.” Jeremiah said after thirty minutes after they arrived and made to stand up.

“I understand; but wait, can you drive?” George asked.

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    1. Thank you Emmanuel. You are right. It is very much easier to focus on things that are not working especially with the high rate of competition among peers. Thank you for your feedback; it is well appreciated.

  1. Hi,
    Wow… I am still trying to breathe… How things change.
    John’s incredible encounter is what I eager to hear next.

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