The Unforgettable Encounter

the unforgettable encounter
Episode 6

the unforgettable encounter

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“See you. Of course I can. What do you take me for? See you oh! You are looking at a professional driver” Jeremiah replied.

“Great! It is settled then.” George said and threw a car key at him.

Jeremiah caught the key looking lost.

“There is a white Toyota Corolla outside; I would like you to drive home in it and bring your family here. I am not always in the country; I only visit once in three years and stay for about one or two weeks; so you could live here. Don’t worry about the electricity bills, I would send like forty thousand naira monthly for that. Also, don’t worry about the maintenance of the house; that’s what I pay Saliu, the gateman and Ijeoma for.

As for your son, John, I will take up the responsibility of paying his tuition fees. The only thing you will have to do for me is to open a bank account for him and send the account details to me. Then after his secondary school education, he will come to the United States to further his studies. Or what do you think?” George asked.

The Unforgettable Encounter

Jeremiah’s knees gave way. He couldn’t believe his ears. He began to cry uncontrollably like a baby.

George tried to console him.

“Don’t do this bro; you’re a man oh.” George said.

“Hmmm… I don’t know what to say.” Jeremiah said amidst sobs.

“Just say that you accept.” George said.

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    1. Thank you Emmanuel. You are right. It is very much easier to focus on things that are not working especially with the high rate of competition among peers. Thank you for your feedback; it is well appreciated.

  1. Hi,
    Wow… I am still trying to breathe… How things change.
    John’s incredible encounter is what I eager to hear next.

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