What you don't know won't hurt you

What You Don’t Know Wouldn’t Hurt You

“What you don’t know, wouldn’t hurt you”

This adage is often used in the world we live in today. It is often the last resort in situations where there are doubts. I am of a contrary opinion – “What you don’t know is only saving you the hurt of today and preparing a tornado or a bomb for you tomorrow.”

Knowledge is one key requirement to thrive in the society of today. According to the Oxford dictionary, knowledge is the awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a fact or situation OR  facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.
What you don't know won't hurt you

Having established the definition of knowledge, we would look at the topic “what you don’t know, wouldn’t hurt you” in four key areas – world-based, employment wise, Word-based and of course relationship ( this article wouldn’t be complete if I don’t include this last one. You can’t crucify me; I love love).

  1. World based: Like I said earlier, knowledge is a key requirement to thrive in the society. This is because the world is evolving geometrically. Let’s focus on technology. In those days (I mean those years), there were devices to perform certain functions – typewriter to type documents; post office to send letters, messages etc to loved ones; a heavy equipment called camera to take pictures, calendar was very useful to know dates; the sun and the weather was used to know the time of the day etc.
    In these contemporary times, smartphones and iPads have sent them on exile. You’ll be stressing yourself if you decide to purchase a typewriter to type a document when there are applications that can perform its functions once installed on your smartphones (the only place you would most likely get typewriters are antique shops). It is of pertinence to be updated with or to evolve with the world’s technology to save time which is precious.
  2. Employment: A lot of people have lost the opportunity of getting their dream jobs because they didn’t get additional skills required to be given the job. Probably they love the ‘what you don’t know, wouldn’t hurt you’ phrase. There are certain skills that are required and when gotten would be an added advantage whilst seeking employment and at job interviews. There is an adage I love – you can’t know everything about something but know something about everything. Knowing something about everything has paved ways for millions and billions of people. The knowledge and ability to use the Microsoft office and other programming applications are an added advantage.
  3. Word based: Some of you will begin to think that she has come again. Remember that it is what a man knows that liberates him. Ignorance has sent a lot of destinies (men) to their early and untimely graves. The ‘what you don’t know, won’t hurt or kill you’ syndrome. There are two worlds in existence – the physical and spiritual worlds. Philosophers often term them – the seen and unseen world or the known and unknown. The unseen, unknown and spiritual world has power or authority over the seen, known and physical world. Oh! If only you have a glimpse of it; you would see the buying and selling taking place in the unseen, unknown and spiritual world; you will wake up and acquire knowledge. Materials have been made available worldwide on Google to get or acquire knowledge; the most potent and unadulterated material is the Bible. Read, get knowledge and know what you should permit and shouldn’t.
  4. Relationship: Finally since I love love, I will conclude with relationship. This one ehn, is very broad. Knowledge is key in having a healthy and long lasting relationship because you can’t give what you don’t have. It is in relationships that the ‘what you don’t know, wouldn’t hurt or kill you’ syndrome is thrives the most. You don’t know what he or she does for a living because what you don’t know wouldn’t hurt or kill you, right? Continue! You have forgotten that the law of seed time and harvest is potent. You don’t know where he or she lives because the syndrome is active. You don’t know any of his or her relatives because of the syndrome. Some people have committed incest because of this syndrome. Carry on!
    Some of you have had experiences where you decided to pay the one you love a surprise visit and ended up being the surprised one. In as much as that did hurt and in some cases, you had to end such relationships as a result of your findings or discoveries, I am glad you got to find out. I can’t imagine how devastated you would be if you were still in such relationships and much later, you discover that he’s already married with kids or he’s getting married to another while you were busy sending away eligible suitors.
    Now do you see the importance of knowing certain things? Knowledge has prevented people from marrying their parents’ murderers.
    Knowledge cannot be overemphasized as a vital requirement to live life. Get knowledge.
    What you don’t know, wouldn’t hurt you; rather it would postpone your Dooms day.
    Thanks for reading. I hope you learned something. I look forward to reading your remarks.

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