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Spread Love Instead

Spread Love Instead

Spread Love instead You might be wondering, “Oh! Her caption is wrong, she should have used something else instead of ‘stay positive’. She got it wrong this time.” Let’s talk. I’ll never get tired of writing about love. I love love. This is because when everything else fails, love never fails; even the Bible attests …

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Don’t Stop Moving

Don’t stop moving You don’t plant a seed and expect it to bear fruits immediately.   Most times, we want to venture into a business and expect immediate profit forgetting that businesses vary and the principles that worked for one might not necessarily work for the other. Most of the established businesses we hear about …

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Do you believe

Do You Believe?

Do you believe? When I read the title of today’s devotion on  ‘My Utmost for His Highest’  titled ‘Do You Believe? I couldn’t help but sing the song ‘This I believe (The Creed)’ by Hillsong Worship that was sung in the movie ‘Do you believe’ directed by Jon Gunn. In our day-to-day living, challenges and circumstances …

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