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“If it would be of help or benefit to another, pen it down and share it. You could also learn from a response.”

At Rayche Speaks, we tell stories that depict real life situations one may experience or encounter in this complex and dynamic world. With each passing day, we get to learn a thing or two. The world is pregnant with lessons to be learnt.


‘Experience is the best teacher.’

Why should I wait to experience it before I learn from it?

There are some experiences with dire consequences that one may never recover from.

Everyone’s life is a book. We learn what we choose to learn from people’s lives or wait to experience certain things before we learn from them.

Oftentimes, we get to experience certain things so that we would be a compass to guide those looking up to us on possible ways to navigate such should they experience them.

Circumstances Surrounding the Birth of Rayche Speaks Blog

Just like a pregnant woman travails before she brings forth a child, it is often said that it is in the midst of crisis that a man brings forth something good (of global impact). Rayche Speaks blog is not left out.

The brain behind the blog – Rachael Aligbe loved to write right from High School. It began with writing a daily journal which exhausted three Executive Note Books and many more books.

During leisure times, various articles came to be.

Rayche was coined from Rachael. Rayche Speaks in writings.

We’re open to suggestions and articles. You can send an email to raychespeaks@gmail.com and we would certainly respond.

Feel free to read the articles in the categories. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts about them in the comment section.

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