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Rayche Speaks

If it would help another, pen it down and share it. You could also learn from it.

About Rayche Speaks Blog

Rayche Speaks

At Rayche Speaks, we tell stories that depict real life situations one may experience or encounter in this complex and dynamic world. With each passing day, we get to learn a thing or two. The world is pregnant with lessons to be learnt.

There is a quote that says,”Experience is the best teacher.” I say,”Why wait to experience it before you learn when you can learn from other people’s experiences?” There are some experiences one may never or barely recover from.

Everyone’s life is a book. You learn what you choose to learn from other people’s lives or wait to experience such things before you learn. I choose the former.

Apart from stories and articles, other engaging stuffs are in the furnace.

We’re open to suggestions and articles. You can send an email to raychespeaks@gmail.com and we would certainly respond. Feel free to read the articles in the categories. Don’t forget to write down your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you.


The Brain Behind Rayche Speaks


I am Rayche; short for Rachael. A certified digital marketer, certified human resource personnel, writer, proofreader and many more. I love to write inspiring and touching stories that would make you see daily happenings that people experience. I also love to write spirit-lifting, heart-strengthening articles.

I have a passion to assist people and strives to leave people better than when I met them.

Putting smiles on people’s faces would make them feel better and give them a ray of hope.

Like I always say, I love love. That it didn’t work for others doesn’t mean that yours’ wouldn’t; your case is different! I love to interact with people one-on-one and proffer possible solutions to relationship challenges.


If you have any questions that you need to be answered or you need someone to talk to and relate with, you can send a mail to raychespeaks@gmail.com and I would be glad to respond to you. Please do not forget to leave a feedback in the comment section after reading an article.

PS, I love shoes.

The Birth of Rayche Speaks blog

Right from Rayche’s secondary school days, she had always loved to write (she has a lovely handwriting). She began writing a daily journal which exhausted about four executive notebooks. There were times stories popped up in her head and she wrote them down (she would make a good script writer, director and a movie critic).

During her leisure time, she would write down whatever comes to mind.

The things she does effortlessly include writing, editing, proof-reading and mini-counselling on relationships.

Sometime in early 2018, she reconnected with a friend who has a fashion blog. Then she thought to herself that people needed to read her articles. We started out at raychespeaks.blogspot.com and then we became raychespeaksblog.com.

A lot has happened. The summary is that we are not where we used to be; we are making progress.

Rayche is coined from Rachael. Rachael loves to write. Hence, Rayche Speaks in Writings.


I hope you enjoy these lovely pieces.

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