Do you believe

Do You Believe?

Do you believe

Do you believe?

When I read the title of today’s devotion on  ‘My Utmost for His Highest’  titled ‘Do You Believe? I couldn’t help but sing the song ‘This I believe (The Creed)’ by Hillsong Worship that was sung in the movie ‘Do you believe’ directed by Jon Gunn.

In our day-to-day living, challenges and circumstances arise that question our belief system. If asked about our belief in God on a normal day, we casually affirm that will believe in God and in Jesus Christ. At the face of challenges and difficulties, our reaction to these challenges and difficulties reveal our true belief system.

A layman begins to question everything around him and blames everyone and everything around him. ‘The book of Lamentation’ becomes his daily diet. He would complain about his parents, siblings, the family he was born into, the country he was born into and the economy; forgetting that complaint only compounds and aggravates the situation. Jesus becomes his last option having engaged in different trial-and-error methods.

A true believer in the face of challenges turns to God to take the wheel and in other cases, seeks God for the way out of those challenges. Oftentimes, you will hear such a person conclude with the phrase ‘Thank You Jesus’.

Believing in Jesus means believing in His ability to rectify any situation with a surety that there is nothing too difficult or hard for him to do (Jeremiah 32:27). When we allow Jesus to take the wheel, we are simply saying that we trust Him not to allow us crash but to take us to where we should be.

There is nothing as fulfilling as letting the manufacturer of a product guide you on how to effectively and efficiently utilise such product; hence, the reason for the user manual in almost every appliance and direction for every product’s consumption.

To conclude I will ask you:  DO YOU BELIEVE?

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