Spread Love Instead

Spread Love Instead

Spread Love instead

Spread love instead

You might be wondering, “Oh! Her caption is wrong, she should have used something else instead of ‘stay positive’. She got it wrong this time.” Let’s talk.

I’ll never get tired of writing about love. I love love. This is because when everything else fails, love never fails; even the Bible attests to this.

The one who quoted – Love is a beautiful thing had truly experienced love. Artists sang about love and some titled it Love is a beautiful thing .


At this point in the world’s existence, there’s too many bad news flying here and there. High mortality rate ravaging nations of the world. You know what I’m talking about. Daily updates on CNN enlightens you on what nations are experiencing and what medical doctors have to combat on a daily basis. Natural disasters are not even salvaging the situation.

In this period, we cherish the quality times like  hanging out with friends, co-workers, in our places of worship and we want them back. There’s enough time to think about that date you declined.

Spread Love Instead

There’s always someone that you’d have loved to be with. Career fathers and mothers get to spend time with their children. They could have chosen to be elsewhere away from their family but at this point their family’s safety matters. Their family is home – their safe haven.

It is heartbreaking to see families where either parent has tested positive to the virus or the entire family is positive. There is this uncertainty of tomorrow. It is more heartbreaking to smell mockery in the comments of some ‘followers’, friends or even readers when some of these infected people come out on social media platforms. Humans tend to forget that anyone can be infected. There is something called the law of Seed time and harvest . It is valid.

There is too much negative vibes everywhere. The media has reduced people’s faith to the barest minimum; others don’t even have faith anymore. Be the reason for people’s smiles. Help people see the light at the end of the tunnel. Help people stay positive.

Since there is social distancing, spread as much love as you can; spread love on social media platforms, send messages; check up on friends. Different people are going through different phases at this point. Some have become suicidal, others have developed bulimia. Depression has set in for many others. Your WhatsApp status updates would go a long way in reaching out to people.

Also, this is the time to finish reading that book. This is the time to learn something new. There’s a lot of skills you can learn; you have YouTube . Parents, you have time to ‘know’ your children. A To-do list would come in handy.

In conclusion, remember that this too shall pass.

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