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The Basic Importance of Understanding the Times and Seasons

The Basic Importance of Understanding the Times and Seasons

Quickly, I would like to define three terminologies; understand, times and seasons.

Understand: To understand means to know and comprehend the nature or meaning of something or someone.

Time: A period of time is considered as a resource under your control and sufficient to accomplish something. It is the continuum of experience in which events pass from the future through the present to the past.

Season: A period of the year marked by special events or activities in some fields.

Now that we have understood each of these terminologies, let us merge them.

To understand times and seasons means to know and comprehend the nature or meaning of the continuum of experience in which events pass from the future through the present to the past and the periods of years marked by special events or activities in some fields.

times and seasons

An easy and practical example of times and seasons is the agricultural sector. The farmers understand that there are times and seasons to plant seeds, tend to these seeds and a time to harvest. To be able to reap or harvest fruits, you would have to plant (sow) the seeds of such fruits. The soil structure and water content would determine the productivity level of the crop. When the required amount of manure or fertilizer and water is available to a seed that has been planted in the required soil structure, it will produce its fruits at its appointed time.

There are some seeds that when once planted, they grow to become trees and hence, you don’t need to replant. There are other fruits that you need to constantly plant their seeds to enjoy the fruits thereof.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.

It is important to understand the times and seasons of your life so that you would know what you should do at certain points of your life, how to do it and when to do what you should do. Simply put – doing the right thing at the right time in the right way and at the right place. Remember, there are consequences for our decisions.

There are some opportunities that might not easily present themselves again once they have been lost. However, lost opportunities could present themselves again when grace and or mercy is at work. There is room for second chances. Imagine a farmer trying to plant cassava when other farmers are harvesting cassava. It doesn’t make sense. The consequence of him failing to plant or sow when he was supposed to is that he would have to buy from those who harvested cassava and wait till then next planting season.

Also, there are some achievements that you may never be able to attain due to negligence and procrastination on your part. You can’t think of enrolling into the Army, Air Force, Navy and many other forces at the age of fifty-nine! What are you thinking?! There are some professions that have retirement ages, remember?

You could avoid series of ‘Had I known’ if you know and have an understanding of the times and seasons of your life.

times and seasons

How to Know and Understand the Times and Seasons of my Life

I can’t categorically tell you how to know the times and seasons of your life neither can i tell you what time and season of your life you are in at the moment. However, it is safe to say that to know and understand the time and season of your life, you would have to carry out some honest observation and survey. The easiest way to know and understand the times and seasons of your life is to ask questions. Who do you ask? Your Maker.

Going down memory lane, there were times when I did what I shouldn’t do and times when I should have taken certain decisions but I failed to take even a step. I failed to do what I was supposed to do. Probably because I felt I still had time or I didn’t think doing it at that point in time was necessary.

Years later, I got to do some of those things I ignored or procrastinated. As long as you still draw breath, it is never too late.

Right now, you may be thinking – my case is different; you won’t understand; I didn’t go to school when my mates were in school; I was faced with a lot of challenges which prevented me from having a tertiary education; now I am forty-eight years old, I don’t think I can ever get a Bachelor’s degree again.





Well, you need to make some research. Thank God for Google. You will be amazed to discover that people who are older than you are had gone back to school to obtain a Bachelor’s degree. It is not late.

Also, remember that the times and seasons of human beings differ. That you graduated from school a year ago and you are still seeking for a job while the dullest person in your class got a job immediately after school thanks to his father’s connection, doesn’t give you the audacity to compare your life with his life. Do you know and understand the times and seasons of his life?

You compare yourself with your school mates that have gone ahead of you excluding your mates that have gone to the other world and those that are still struggling to get to your current position.

You are a twenty-nine year old graduate and you believe God to be married. There is a woman that got married at the age of twenty-six and has been trusting God for the fruit of the womb for over ten years. There is also a twenty-nine year old woman that has just become a widow; her husband had suffered a heart attack that claimed his life thereby leaving her with four children to cater for. There is another twenty-nine year old lady that is struggling to gain admission into the tertiary institution. I can continue to give you examples of twenty-nine year old ladies or women who are struggling.

What is your story?






You may feel your story is pathetic, wait and listen to that of your neighbour. I’m sure that you be grateful to God for yours after listening to your neighbour’s story.

There was a quote I read which states and I paraphrase ‘if everyone was given the opportunity to place their problems and challenges on a round table, each person will gladly take back his or her problems or challenges and walk away rejoicing’.


Stay positive, sensitive and proactive.

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