Why people fall in love

5 Major Reasons Why People Fall In Love

5 Major Reasons Why People Fall In Love

The question of ‘Why do people fall out of love?’ or ‘why do people fall in love?’ is a prominent question amongst youths in this dispensation.

You love someone and the person loves you back; overtime, the person tells you that he or she is no longer in love with you. This leaves you wondering what went wrong.

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To answer this question, we will have to address this – five major reasons why people fall in love. With this, the reasons why people fall out of love can be pointed out.

I would like to define love as a selfless act of service and commitment.

To fall in love according to the Cambridge Dictionary means to be very attracted to someone and begin to love them.

Personally, I don’t really like the term ‘to fall in love’ because this means that one who falls can stand. In other words, if you fall in love today, you can stand up out of love next month or whenever you are ready to stand up. Most times, I prefer the term ‘to be in love’ or ‘to grow in love’ even though it is possible ‘not to be in love’ or ‘to grow out of love’. Most times, we love to complicate things; why say I am in love with you or I have fallen in love with you when you can simply say that I love you? That I know not.

Reasons why people fall in love

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Back to the topic: 5 Major Reasons Why People Fall In Love.

There are countless inexhaustible reasons why people fall in love. While this is true, other people assume or misinterpret feelings like care and affection for love. This would be addressed much later.

Listed below are five major reasons why people fall in love; number five is the most prominent reason why people fall in love:

  1. Physical Appearance: Simply put – people like what they see. Inasmuch as packaging is important, it is much more important to know the content of the package. Imagine purchasing an expired good because of its packaging; imagine buying a beautiful nonsense snack. Imagine liking someone because he has six packs, a ‘flat tummy Jesus’ physique, tall, handsome, your kind of spec, only to fall in love with him and discover that he lacks home training, has no respect for you or is a ‘beater’ whilst dating.

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Imagine dating a lady because she is well-endowed, slim, has a flat tummy, your kind of spec, only to discover that she has no respect for you, lacks home training and so on. Most people will term this kind of love – love at first sight. #smiles


  1. Mental Ability: Most people have a flair for people with brains. I mean who wouldn’t? Companies know this and this is one of the major reasons why they employ people with high Intelligence Quotient. People with vast knowledge and a high Intelligence Quotient (IQ) are hot cakes; especially those who are also wonderfully made. Most people will term this kind of love – love at first communication. #smiles.


  1. Understanding: One would naturally like and grow to fall in love with someone who understands him or her; one who completes your sentence and knows the exact word you are looking for in your vocabulary book before you say them. It would be so stress-free when relating with such a person. You wouldn’t have to always explain the reasons for making certain decisions.

But then again, this has caused a lot of breakups. Assumptions tend to set in; since he or she understands, I see no reason to have to explain everything to him or her. On the other hand, he or she is wondering why you didn’t tell him or her about something; a thousand and one assumptions are running through your partner’s mind. Things become heightened and boom! There is no love anymore. In my voice – love has finished #smiles

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  1. Financial Strength: Who doesn’t like money? Love is sweet but it is sweeter when there is money. Money is like an icing on a cake when you are in a relationship with someone you truly love. You wouldn’t blame some ladies and guys who fall in love with someone that has plenty pepper. In some cases, they have been saddled with a lot of responsibilities while in other cases; they have the spirit of covetousness. This is why some ladies and guys tend to stick around when there is money.
  1. Care and Affection: Who doesn’t like to be cared for and pampered? It is almost normal and or inevitable to like that friend who cares for you and shows a lot of affection towards you – that person that calls you in the mornings to know how your night went and at nights to know how your day went. Especially ladies, we like attention and care ehn. We don’t care about being spoilt with attention, care and affection as long as it is not choking.

The clause in this fifth reason is that, it is possible for someone to care for you and be affectionate towards you and not be in love with you. This is because being caring and affectionate is some people’s nature. A lot of people discover this after the one who cared for them and showed them affection gives them a wedding invitation.

Most times, assumption isn’t an option.

Do you know some other reasons why some people fall in love? I’ll be ecstatic to get a feedback from you in the comment section. Comment below

4 thoughts on “5 Major Reasons Why People Fall In Love”

  1. Hi Rayche, you have succinctly dealt with the major reasons why people “fall” in love.

    Fame: I would have placed fame under FINANCE, but for the fact that fame is not equal to money. There are famous but broke celebrities out there. Still, some people want to identified with the fame by becoming the spouse of a celebrity. That is why the baby mama industry thrives.

    Just to add, people who are attracted by intelligence now call themselves sapiosexuals. Something like, “I’m sapiosexual.” You must belong to this category.

    All the same, thanks for a great read.

    1. Hello Adeiza,
      I agree with you; there are famous but broke celebrities out there. They are so famous that one would have doubts upon the discovery of the net worth of these celebrities. Then, the question is “What happened?”
      Thank you for the feedback. I do appreciate it.

  2. Hi,
    Great write up.
    I think one good reason why one falls in love with someone has to do with the Character of the guy/lady.
    Some because she can sing well, or her great smile. Everyone has a specific reason why falling in love with someone.
    Thanks for this post…love it

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