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Can 2 Walk Together? Uncovered

Can 2 Walk Together Except They be Agreed? Amos 3:3

To begin with, I wouldn’t want to assume that we all understand what  ‘Can 2 Walk Together Except They be Agreed?’ means.  Therefore, I’ll like to explain the key terms before proceeding.

To ‘walk together‘ is an idiomatic expression which means to remain united with someone or some group especially in support of or in opposition to something.  According to the Collins English Dictionary, ‘to agree’ means to have the same opinion about something.

Having explained this, it is safe to say that ‘Can 2 Walk Together Except They be Agreed?’ literally means ‘Can 2 people remain united except they have the same opinion about something?’

Can 2 walk together Rayche Speaks

There is something very unique and dynamic about two people in agreement.

Have you ever wondered why Deuteronomy 32:30 says that one will  chase a thousand and two still chase ten thousand? Why not two thousand? Even I know not; when we get to Heaven, He will answer that.

Even God said, “it is not good that man would be alone… I will make him an help meet.

Can 2 walk together?

Oftentimes, when you observe the reason why great friendships between two persons or among a group of people turned sour, you would discover that the root cause is disagreement. This screams – Can 2 Walk Together Except They be Agreed?!

Do you remember the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11? God saw that if something wasn’t done, the people’s imagination would become a reality due to their agreement. God had to come down and cause confusion. This made the people in disagreement since neither of them knew what the other said.

Can 2 Walk Together Except They be Agreed?!

Jesus whilst sending out His disciples in Mark 6:7 and Luke 10:1, He sent them out in twos. I believe He did this because He understood the principle behind the number ‘two’.

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If you would observe most successful friendships and relationships even marriages between two persons, you’d discover that the two persons decided to stay together no matter the  challenges and disagreements they experience and have (Can 2 Walk Together Except They be Agreed?!) When you ask them about the secret behind the togetherness, you would get the general response – It is God o. Then others that would go ahead would tell you that it was a conscious decision to stay together even with the numerous hurdles.

People who understand the effect and principle behind ‘two’, engage in what is called an agreement prayer or a prayer of agreement. An agreement prayer is a kind of prayer in which two people come together to pray concerning an issue of concern.

This is why Jesus in Matthew 18:19 said, “… if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in Heaven.”

You might be thinking, “What if I have no one to engage in this prayer of agreement with; what would I do?” Well the Good News is this – As long as you have confessed Jesus as your Lord and personal Saviour, you are not alone. When Jesus died, arose and returned to the Father, He sent the Holy Spirit to us. The Holy Spirit dwells in a true believer. Oh! What a beautiful thing it is to get answers to whispered prayers! The indwelling of the Holy Spirit makes you two. Therefore, ‘Can 2 Walk Together Except They be Agreed?’ applies with the person of the Holy Spirit.

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The beautiful thing about the Holy Spirit is that He was sent to guide us into all Truth. This is why sometimes, when you are about to do something that is wrong, you’ll hear someone cautioning you that what you are about to do is wrong. In most cases, you feel like there is someone in your inside. This is the reason why when you insult someone, it would feel like you are telling yourself that what you did was wrong.

Can 2 Walk Together?

Have you ever imagined being led by Him always? You will not fall into error. Likewise when you ignore His presence, leading and person, you’ll get to a point of loneliness and emptiness;  more like there’s a void.

Let me ask you this – what would you do to a friend of yours who often disregards your advice and ignores your opinions? If you would be honest with yourself, your response would be – you’ll grow and learn to remain silent and keep your opinions to yourself. This is because records show that your opinions don’t count.

Can 2 Walk Together Except They be Agreed?

The same way you feel about a friend who disregards you is the same way the Holy Spirit feels when a believer ignores His presence and leading. The only difference is that He wouldn’t leave like most people would; He awaits your return like the Prodigal Son in Luke 15:11-32.

Thanks for reading this piece; I hope you learned something. I’d be ecstatic to read your opinions in the comment section.

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