In the Hollow of His Hand

In The Hollow Of His Hand

In The Hollow Of His Hand
Episode 1


Jan 23rd 1989 is a day to remember. The day I was born and the day my mother died. It’s been eighteen years now; I celebrated my eighteenth birthday yesterday. As usual extended family members were present to celebrate with me. Plus I got a new ride – my dream ride courtesy dad.

If I am to describe myself without favoritism, I would I say I am one hundred and sixty centimeters tall in height; that is five feet three inches approximately. I have a relatively long brown hair which Pop says I got from my mum. I’ve got big brown eyes. I won’t say I am a size eight; it is safe to say I am a size ten. I don’t know much about my biological mum but Pop has told me a lot about her.

Pop and Mum

In the Hollow of His Hand

Mum worked as a teacher in an elementary school while Pop was an accountant in a prestigious firm in the area. Even though Pop was financially capable of fending for the family, he had to let mum work because she complained of idleness and boredom. They had been married for about ten years and hadn’t had a child of their own.

After three years of childless marriage, Pop brought up the idea of adoption but the idea was short-lived as Mum believed that they would have a child of their own and adoption was not an option. She had grown to strengthen her faith due to the sermons of the preacher in the local assembly they attended which helped a great deal. Within those ten years, they both lost count of the miscarriages Mum had. Despite all these, Mum’s faith was unwavering because she held onto the Scripture that says “None shall be barren in the land…” Exodus 23:26.

in the hollow of his hands


In the Hollow of His Hand

Sometime in May 1988, Mum developed a fever and was constantly nauseous. Pop took her to the hospital where series of test were carried out on her blood sample and urine sample. Two days later, Mum went back to the hospital at closure of work where the doctor confirmed that mum was two weeks pregnant. She couldn’t hide her joy as she knelt down and said a quick word of prayer of thanksgiving.

On her way home, she called Pop and told him that she was on her way home asking him what he would like to have for dinner. He said he wanted to have jollof rice. Since the ingredients were available, she didn’t see the need to make a stopover at the market. She got home and dropped the envelope containing the test result on the dining table. Having had a shower and changed into a long top with a pair of shorts, she went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. She hadn’t gotten over her excitement about the news as she hummed her way through the process of making dinner.

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When dinner was set, she sat on the sofa in the living room, turned on the television set and began to see a movie while awaiting Pop’s return. She was so lost in thought daydreaming that she wasn’t aware of Pop’s entrance. When he observed that she didn’t notice his presence, he made to quietly drop his suitcase on the dining table and tickle Mum to consciousness. He saw the envelope and opened it.

He was so overjoyed that he pecked Mum’s forehead while standing behind the sofa.

This brought mum to the physical world and she turned to see Pop grinning from one ear to the other.

In the Hollow of His Hand continues…

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