In the Hollow of His Hand

In The Hollow Of His Hand

In The Hollow Of His Hand
Episode 61

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While arranging my things to go home for the semester break that morning, my hopes were high. Pop had called few minutes ago that he was on his way. I anticipated a lot of things while asking the question – what news could they probably have to tell me? Probably they want to get married or they’re pregnant. I shoved it aside after heaving a deep sigh; I hated delayed surprises. On the other hand was Jake. He was going to see Pop. I smiled so much that my dimples were revealed.

“What’s making you smile?” Dianne asked.

Must she always have to interrupt my thoughts?

“Nothing serious.” I answered.

“That’s not true.” She challenged.

“Okay, I was just thinking about the break and how eventful it would be.” I replied.

“I know right?” She said.

“Yeah yeah” I replied.

There was a knock on the door.

“One minute!” Dianne said.

It was Pop.

“Good morning sir.” She greeted.

“How are you doing, darling?” He asked.

“I am fine sir.” She replied.

“Welcome Pop” I said and gave him a hug.

“Thanks Pumpkin” he replied and asked, “Not done packing yet?”

“Almost Pop. I’m sorry.” I answered and apologized.

“Who is coming to pick you?” He asked Dianne.

In the Hollow of His Hand continues…

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