In the Hollow of His Hand

In The Hollow Of His Hand

In The Hollow Of His Hand
Episode 73

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“Wakey! Wakey!!”

I heard Pop say as he opened the curtains. I had barely opened my eyes when I realized that the sun rays had illuminated my room.

“Good morning Pop” I mumbled.

“Morning Sunshine.” He said.

“How was your night Pop?” I asked.

“It was splendid Pumpkin.” He answered.

“I thought you said you’d head out early.” I challenged.

“Nope; I said I had to be up early.” He corrected.

“Fine. Heading out already?” I asked.

“Yes Pumpkin.” He answered.

“Okay Pop; have a great day.” I said.

I needed to continue my sleep.

“Any plans for the day; at least while I am away?” he asked.

“Nope Pop.” I replied.

“You should visit Aunt K so that you wouldn’t be bored whilst I am at work.” He suggested.

“I will Pop.” I agreed.

“Would you be heading somewhere else at the close of work?” i asked.

“Yes Pumpkin. Bella and I have to be somewhere; but it would be brief.” He replied.

“Where would the kids be?” I asked.

“Oh! not to worry; we’ll go together since their school is a two-minute drive from my office. Bella would pick them up on her way to my office; we would go to the place; then we would head back here for dinner.” He explained.

“Okay Pop. Be safe.” I replied.

“I will. Bye.” He said and pecked me on the forehead.

“Bye Pop.” I replied.

In the Hollow of His Hand continues…

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