the unforgettable encounter

The Unforgettable Encounter

Episode 1

John had come from a struggling home. His mother, Abigail, didn’t enjoy the nine months of pregnancy. There was always something to complain about. She had one of the most absurd cravings – the smell of fuel. When it was time to be delivered of her baby, her husband, Jeremiah, drove them to the hospital. She travailed for three days before she brought forth her son. Jeremiah wanted to give him a name that summarized the events surrounding his birth but his mother wasn’t in support of that decision. Hence, they named him John.

The Unforgettable Encounter

Two weeks after his naming ceremony, his father went to the office like every other day.

A sealed envelope sat on his desk. Upon seeing it, he was elated because he thought it was a bonus or something good.

the unforgettable encounter

Having read it, he discovered that he had been laid off. Apparently, the company had been having some financial issues and couldn’t afford to pay the salaries of all her workers. Therefore, the company had to lay off some of her employees using educational qualifications as the criterion.

The Unforgettable Encounter

Barely two months after he was laid off, they began to experience ‘Stage Two Hard Life’. Abigail sold her jewelries and some of her clothes. Since they couldn’t afford to purchase baby diapers anymore, she had to convert some of her wrappers to baby napkin. Jeremiah and Abigail always had something to complain about every day.

Jeremiah’s private vehicle was converted to a taxi. Every day, he picked up passengers at the Airport and took them to their different places of abode. Abigail began to fry akara, yam and potatoes at the roadside in the mornings and evenings.

By the time John was two years old, things had practically gone from bad to worse. His mother had been tagged ‘the borrower that never pays back’ in their neighbourhood and its environs.

The Unforgettable Encounter

the unforgettable encounter

Their standard of living didn’t deter them from sending John to the public school in their neighbourhood when he became three years old. After all, they had to do menial jobs because neither of them had an Ordinary National Diploma, a Higher National Diploma or a Bachelor’s Degree.

Abigail’s roadside business was doing well; passersby and those  who lived around the vicinity loved how she prepared and packaged the fried akara, yam and potatoes.

When John turned five years old, he was taught by his teachers in school the art of prayer. He was taught how to recite ‘The Lord’s Prayer‘.  Everyday, he recited it whichever way he could. Much later, he began to say some laughable but stunning prayers of thanksgiving. Unlike his parents who always mentioned the things they didn’t have whilst praying, he thanked God for the things he had; both the ones he could see and the imaginary ones. When he began to pray, the unforgettable encounter happened.

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    1. Thank you Emmanuel. You are right. It is very much easier to focus on things that are not working especially with the high rate of competition among peers. Thank you for your feedback; it is well appreciated.

  1. Hi,
    Wow… I am still trying to breathe… How things change.
    John’s incredible encounter is what I eager to hear next.

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