The Unforgettable Encounter

the unforgettable encounter
Episode 4

the unforgettable encounter

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“Hmmm…” Jeremiah heaved sadly and continued, “I am hustling oh. Since I lost my job five years ago, I haven’t been able to get a decent job.”

“It is well. How about you oversee the construction of my buildings on my behalf? I would pay you oh… First things first, where do you stay? I would like to say ‘hello’ to madam” George said.

Jeremiah was hesitant at first but he directed George to his house.


The Unforgettable Encounter

George hid the pity he felt perfectly well.

Abigail welcomed George with a cup of water telling him to manage the water since there was no light. How would she tell him that they couldn’t afford a refrigerator?

“No problem madam. It is good to see you. I just wanted to say ‘hello’ to my friend’s wife.” George said.

“Thank you very much sir. You did very well sir. I really appreciate it sir.” Abigail said.

“You are welcome madam.” He replied.

About fifteen minutes later, he stood up to take his leave. Dipping his hand into the side pocket of his trousers, he brought out an envelope and handed it over to Abigail.

“Please manage this madam. I will have to take my leave. I hope to see you some other time.” George said.

“Ha! Thank you sir. God bless you” Abigail said kneeling down to express her gratitude after collecting the envelope.

“Haba madam! Please stand up oh. You don’t have to kneel for me madam!” George pleaded with her.

Abigail stood up still thanking him.

They saw him off to his car. Abigail took John into the house when she sensed her husband and his friend wanted to have a conversation.

“My friend, thank you very much oh” Jeremiah said.

“Jerry my brother, you don’t need to thank me. What are brothers for?” George said and continued, “Do you have some hours to spare? I want us to go somewhere.”

“Of course, we can.” Jeremiah replied.

“Alright” George said and drove off.

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  1. Hi,
    Wow… I am still trying to breathe… How things change.
    John’s incredible encounter is what I eager to hear next.

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