In the Hollow of His Hand

In The Hollow Of His Hand

In The Hollow Of His Hand
Episode 53

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While doing my laundry one Saturday morning, I got a call. It was an unfamiliar number so I was reluctant to pick up. I finally picked up.

“Hello” I said.

“Hi.” He replied.

“Good morning. Please who am I speaking with?” I asked.

“A pleasant morning to you too. It is Travis.” He responded.


Travis? Travis?? Travis??? I was scanning through my archive to see if I could find the file that was tagged ‘Travis’. Then it hit me.

“Travis!!!” I screamed.

“Yes babe.” He answered.

“It has been a very long time. I called at intervals but it never connected. I simply assumed you changed your number. I concluded that when you remember that I exist, you would give me a call. Here you are! Where have you been?” I asked.

“I am sorry for not calling before now.” He responded.

“You have not answered my question.” I challenged.

“I have been in school. Pop was transferred…” He said.

“You have no excuse. I sent several messages…” I replied.

“I am sorry.  Truly, I have no excuse. ” He apologized.

“It is okay” I said.

“Thank you. How’s school, your Pop, Aunt K and everyone?” He asked.

“All fine. God’s been good.” I answered.

“It is good to know.” He responded.

“How have you been? How’s school, your dad and everything?” I asked.

“All good too.” He replied.

“Thank God for that. Uhm… Travis can I call you much later on Skype?” I asked.

“Alright. Take care of you.” He answered.

“You too. Bye.” I said and hung up.

In the Hollow of His Hand continues…

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