In the Hollow of His Hand

In The Hollow Of His Hand

In The Hollow Of His Hand
Episode 66

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“It is open.” I said faintly.

Chad and Chelsea walked in with long faces. I sat up.

“What is the matter?” I asked.

“Mum said it is time to go but we want to spend the night with you so that you could tell us bedtime stories.” Chad answered.

“Oh! How about we do that tomorrow since it is a Friday?” I asked.

“Okay.” They agreed.

“Can I see your sweet smiles now?” I asked.

They smiled faintly.

“Make it wider and give me a big hug.” I said as I knelt down.

“We love you Cee” They said as we hugged.

“I love you two.” I replied.

“Let’s go and meet Mum then.” I said.

We walked downstairs.

‘Good night Bee; see you tomorrow.” I said.

“Night sweetie. Rest well. Plus I reserved some food for you since you haven’t had dinner.” She replied and added.

“Awwnnn! How thoughtful and sweet of you.” I said as I hugged her and added, “You are the best.”

“I know right. See you tomorrow. We have a lot of catching up to do.”  She replied.

“Alright. Night night.” I said.

“Good night Cee.” Chad and Chelsea said.

“Night lovelies; see you tomorrow by God’s grace.” I replied.

Pop saw them off to their house.

In the Hollow of His Hand continues…

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