In the Hollow of His Hand

In The Hollow Of His Hand

In The Hollow Of His Hand
Episode 3

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Aunt Keira

Aunt Keira is my mother’s younger sister. She is a single mother of one – Josh. She used to be the Human Resource Manager of the Main Street Bank. She was engaged to Josh’s dad (Drake) and they were set to get married a month after Josh’s birth. Drake lost his job when Aunt K was just one month pregnant, and she became the provider. Six months later, he told her about a job proposal that would require the initial sum of twelve million dollars. He assured her that in its sixth month, the project would yield about thirty five million dollars.

She trusted him because she loved him; I mean she was going to spend the rest of her life with him. So, she loaned the money from her bank with her house as the collateral and gave it to him. The following week, she came back from work on one of those week days and an empty house welcomed her. Drake had emptied the house. He emptied her bank accounts since he had her Bank Card pin. She was so devastated. The bank collected her house and she fired her on the spot.

in the hollow of his hand

In the Hollow of His Hand

Mum and Pop came to her rescue and rented an apartment for her; plus. she was close to her Expected Delivery Date (EDD). Pop and Mum paid her bills till she gave birth to Josh. When Josh was three months old, her mother (my grandma) had to come over and look after Josh because she had to look for a job. After two weeks of rigorous job hunt, she got a job as a waitress in a bar; it was better than nothing.

When mum died, Aunt Keira tried to be available when I needed a mother figure. Mum’s Dad and Mum also made themselves available even though they lived about an hour drive away. Pop and Aunt Keira had to jointly raise me because Pop was skeptical about hiring a stranger as a nanny for me; since I was all he had left of Mum and I grew to be a splitting image of her. Often times, Pop would drop me at school on his way to work while Aunt Keira picked me up from school.

I remembered those times when Pop dropped me off at school; I would see the mothers of other kids drop them off and miss Mum the more.

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