In the Hollow of His Hand

In The Hollow Of His Hand

In The Hollow Of His Hand
Episode 5

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The Change

In our final year in high school, Travis’ father was transferred to another state in the country; meaning that they had to relocate. Travis informed me of this transfer two weeks after graduation from high school. Prior to his father’s transfer, Travis and I had applied to the same college. We had talked about how we would attend the same classes and remain best of friends. Now, this move meant that we would attend different schools. We promised to keep in touch even though we knew that there were a lot of factors involved.

friends forever

After we graduated from high school and Travis’ relocation, I became lonelier than ever as Pop had to go to work daily while I stayed at home. On some days when I was bored, I read Mum’s diary which I stumbled upon when I was going through the books in her library. This kept my company and that was how I could tell you about things that had happened even before I was born. On other days, I would visit Aunt K at her work place and would keep her company because she was often less busy during the day.

In the Hollow of His Hand

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Pop saw how lonely I was and concluded that it was about time he got me a mother. Also, the stress of having to raise me alone and inconveniencing Aunt K began to have a negative effect on him as his work performance declined. When he brought up the idea of getting married again, I seconded it without a second thought. After all, it would be a win-win situation for us; he’ll get a companion since he had been lonely for about eighteen years (yes, eighteen solid years) plus I get a new mother and possibly a baby sister or brother to keep me company.

search for the ideal wife and perfect mother

I took up the task on the search for an ideal woman that would be a good wife to Pop and a mother to me, since I calculated that he would have limited time to search and find a suitable one. On Sundays, I was on the lookout in church. During other days, when I wasn’t doing anything in particular, my favourite spot became my window side where I could observe my neighborhood. While doing this, I looked forward to receiving a mail containing my admission into college.

In the Hollow of His Hand Continues…

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