In the Hollow of His Hand

In The Hollow Of His Hand

In The Hollow Of His Hand
Episode 6

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The Near Accident

admission letter Rayche Speaks


Two months later, dated the sixteenth of August, I received a mail alert and reluctantly opened it. I had gotten tired of constantly checking my mail daily. Alas, it contained my Admission Letter and Resumption Requirements. I was elated. I needed to share this good news with someone. Since Pop was unavailable, Aunt K was my only option. I dressed up and was set to go to the bar to share the good news with her.

In my excited state, I was about to cross the street but I didn’t observe that the traffic light had just turned green; a soft hand, pulled me back to the pedestrian walk way. In my shock, I observed that this face was a familiar one. I expressed my gratitude and went into the bar. Aunt K and I celebrated it with a drink. She took a shot of Scotch while I took a glass of fruit wine. Later that night, I planned how I would bump into the lady that saved me that afternoon to enhance my research on her. All I needed was a name.

In the Hollow of His Hand

When Pop arrived, I told him about my admission. He was so overjoyed that he raised me up like I was still a kid. Well, I am still a kid to him though. After we had dinner, I asked him if he had started seeing someone since it was already about two months since the conversation about remarrying was initiated. He replied in the negative. I had a wide grin pasted on my face as I felt my plan could work. Besides, he wouldn’t have the time to meet new people since his work was demanding and he had to come straight home after work because I exist.

In the Hollow of His Hand continues…

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