In the Hollow of His Hand

In The Hollow Of His Hand

In The Hollow Of His Hand
Episode 60

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“How is work going?” I asked.

“It is going well. It is break time and I decided to see your pretty face.” He answered.

“Awwwnnn… how sweet of you.” I replied.

“I know right? Are you busy?” He asked.

“Kinda. I am reading for my final paper which is scheduled for tomorrow.” I answered.

“Okay. Make me proud.” He said.

“Of course I will.” I replied.

“When will the semester be over?” he asked.

“In five days’ time.” I replied.

“Okay, so can I pay you a visit during the holidays?” he asked.

“Awwwnnn! Of course.” I said without hesitation.

“That’s great, can I call you back in five?” He asked.

“Sure. Take your time.” I answered.

Immediately he hung up, I imagined us having dinner at home – Pop, Bee, Chelsea, Chad, Jake and I. I smiled at the thought of it. However, my smile was short-lived as I imagined Pop drilling Jake. I waved it aside almost immediately – Jake would be fine.

Five minutes later, he called back.

His Qualities 2

Punctuality – check.

“Hope I didn’t keep you waiting for too long.” He said.

“Nope, you didn’t.” I replied.

“Thank God. What are you up to?” He asked.

“Wanna continue reading.” I answered.

“Okay… talk to you later then.” He said.

“Aite. Take care of yourself.” I replied.

“I will; you too.” He responded and hung up.

In the Hollow of is Hand continues…

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