In the Hollow of His Hand

In The Hollow Of His Hand

In The Hollow Of His Hand
Episode 47

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The next morning, Dianne was still asleep when I woke up and I didn’t want to disturb her. After saying my morning devotion, I quietly stood up to get ready for my morning lecture which was for nine. While putting my books in my bag, I heard her sniff and then it dawned on me that she had been awake for some time. I became concerned and went to her bedside. It was when she turned that I discovered her eyes were swollen.

“What happened? Are you okay? Why are you crying?” I asked.

When she tried to speak, no words came out. She cried the more.

After waiting patiently by her side and consoling her for about five minutes, she found her words.

“Babe, you would be late for lectures, I will tell you about it when you come back.”

“But I can’t leave you like this.” I said.

“I would be fine, don’t worry.” She said.

Since I knew arguing with her would not be fruitful, I picked up her phone and called Pete. He arrived in no time. He walked into the room panting.

“What happened to her?” He asked.

“I have no idea; I met her crying this morning. I couldn’t leave her like this and go for my lecture; that was why I called you.” I answered.

“Okay. Thank you. I will be here when you return.” He said.


Dr. Nick had ended the lecture. I was glad that the class was over because I had only a few hours’ sleep over the night. Besides, I could barely focus on the lecturer for five minutes without my thoughts drifting to Dianne. I wondered what could be wrong. I hurriedly packed my books into my bag and exited the lecture room. In the hallway, a colleague accosted me.

In the Hollow of His Hand continues…

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