In the Hollow of His Hand

In The Hollow Of His Hand

In The Hollow Of His Hand
Episode 20

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This is Home

Immediately we entered the church, I felt peace and I knew that this was it – my church. It wasn’t one of those regular services. I observed that the church knew how to worship. During the worship session, I worshiped in a dimension I had never experienced before. I felt a presence – His presence. After the worship session, I felt an indwelling presence; I loved that feeling.

The theme of the sermon was ‘Discovering and Fulfilling Purpose’. I didn’t get the Pastor’s name but I knew that with time, I would come to know his name. While preaching, he buttressed on the need to know that everyone had his or her own distinct and unique purpose. He further listed five importance of discovering purpose and fulfilling it. He highlighted ways we could discover our purpose. For the first time in forever, this pastor preached for two hours and I didn’t feel it.

Whilst rounding up, he apologized for keeping us this long in church as it was an unusual service. He made an altar call. Whilst people walked to the altar, the choir sang a song and the congregation clapped. He prayed with those who came out, after they had openly declared Jesus as their Lord and personal Savior. He welcomed them to the fold and the members of the Hospitality Unit received them at one of the entrances – probably to get their details and for follow-up sessions I guess.

After this, he told the first timers to stand on their feet. Amongst others, Dianne and I stood up. He instructed us to come towards the altar. I observed that while we walked towards the altar, we were given a clapping ovation. Shouts of ‘wow!’, ‘glory!’ and ‘hallelujah!’ filled the auditorium.

When we got to the front, he welcomed all of us and intimated us on the weekly services. He blessed us and concluded that he looked forward to seeing us in the Bible Study class the following Tuesday. He prayed with us and told us to stay behind after the service had shut down. We walked back to our seats amidst claps.

“Should we wait?” Dianne whispered.

“Waiting wouldn’t hurt. Besides it is a free day except you’ve got something planned out for us.” I whispered back.

“Naa… We would wait then.” She concluded.

After ‘the Grace’ was said, we met with the Pastor – Pastor Dave. He got to know our names and whilst he welcomed us to the campus officially (all of us were freshmen), some members of the Hospitality Unit gave us a bio-data form. Also, we were given some souvenirs and refreshments. He concluded by wishing us a lovely a stress-free study on campus after he blessed us.

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