In The Hollow Of His Hand

In the Hollow of His Hand
In The Hollow Of His Hand
Episode 16

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We hurried to our room for a quick change of clothes. I wore a red short evening gown and a pair of black suede sneakers while Dianne wore a red flowery top, a black pair of shorts with a pair of red sneakers. We hastily applied light make-up and had a perfume bath. I left my iPad on my bed as I didn’t see a reason to take it along.

We could hear the beat blasting from the speakers a mile away.

The hall was well packed; some students were dancing, some were chatting whilst others were drinking. Since neither of us knew anyone, we sat to gist after we served ourselves punch. When I was done telling her all there was to know about me, she began her story.

Dianne, My Roomie

She was born with a silver spoon. Born to the family of Prince Bruce II (the second in line to the throne) and being the only girl of her parents, she enjoyed the luxury of life. Her brother, Jake who is four years older than she is, made growing up fun. They did a lot together. During the holidays, she went on vacations with her cousin – Princess Priscilla (the heiress to the throne).

When she turned eighteen, she got tired of being accompanied around by security. Her parents wanted her to study medicine but she wanted to become a psychologist; she looked forward to helping those who were facing life challenges due to one incident or the other; besides, she was hemophobic.

When she was given admission into the University of Trint to study medicine, she didn’t attend any of the classes; rather, she studied books on psychology and social behaviours. In her third year, her parents decided to pay her a surprise visit…

In the Hollow of His Hand continues…

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