In the Hollow of His Hand

In The Hollow Of His Hand

In The Hollow Of His Hand
Episode 8

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Bella , my new friend

Most mornings, I always looked for activities at the front porch; especially on week days. Also, I became a weeder and a trimmer. This is because I made it a point of duty to wave at Bella whenever she passed by in the mornings. One Saturday evening, I paid her a visit when Pop stepped out briefly to get gas and some groceries. I knocked on the door. Whilst awaiting a response from within, my heart beat raced more than a hundred kilometers in less than ten seconds. I silently prayed for no response. I hadn’t even finished praying, when she opened the door.

“Hello Charis. How are you doing?” Bella said, rather surprised.

“Hi Bella. I am doing well and you?” I replied.

“I am great. What a pleasant surprise. Please come.” She said.

“Thank you. You have a lovely and cozy place.” I said as I walked in.

“Thanks a lot. It is more like a safe haven for us.” She replied.

I observed that the boy and the girl sat on the couch in the living room and were lost in the cartoon they were watching.

In the Hollow of His Hand

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When I made to move closer to them in a bid to speak with them, they looked startled. I held my peace and sat down. I assumed that they probably hadn’t gotten over the trauma of the previous year. I gave her the basket of fresh fruits I had plucked from the garden. She received the basket and was very appreciative. After ten minutes of watching the program that the kids were engrossed in, I stood up to take my leave. I was worried that Pop might return in no time.

“I am on my way Bee… Is it okay to call you Bee?” I called out.

“Of course it is fine. Whatever works for you is fine by me.” She replied from the kitchen.

“Great!” I said.

“Can you give me a minute? I just made a bowl of popcorn for you. Let me quickly pack it for you.” She said as she hurriedly packed it into a beautiful container.

“Oh, thanks a lot” I said as I received and walked to the door.

“You’re welcome” she replied as she walked with me to the door and whispered, “I am sorry about the reaction from the kids, they have a hard time adjusting to new faces. With time, you would see how adorable they are.”

“It is okay, I understand. I look forward to getting acquainted with them as well” I said.

“Thank you and see you some other time.” She replied.

“Of course.” I said and headed home.

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