In the Hollow of His Hand

In The Hollow Of His Hand

In The Hollow Of His Hand
Episode 26

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“It is fine sweetie. Do take care of yourself.” She said.

“Thanks Aunt K. I will; you too.” I responded and hung up.

“Charis??!!!” Dianne called out when I took longer than expected to open the door.

“One minute…” I replied and opened the door.

“Thanks for tonight. I had fun.” Dianne said.

“Thanks for accepting to hang out with me. You’re a great company.” Pete responded with his usual charming smile.

“Urmmm…” I made the throat-clearing sound; reminding them of my presence.

“Oh sorry Charis.” Pete apologized.

“It is okay. I am getting used to that already. Thanks for returning my roomie in one piece” I replied him.

“You’re welcome. You must tag along next time.” He replied.

“Let us see how it goes…” I responded.

“Have a wonderful night rest Dee. Bye.” Pete said.

“I will. You too. Beep me when you get to your hostel” Dianne replied and closed the door.

“Hmmm… so it is Dee now…” I teased.

“You’re on your own. Take your package.” Dianne responded as she tossed a nylon at me.

“Awwnnn… aren’t you two so sweet?!” I exclaimed when I saw a wrap of shawarma and a bowl of iced cream.

“See you; the power of shawarma!” She replied.

“Leave me. Don’t change the subject; so it is now Dee…” I said.

“Uhun! I love the way he says it.” Dianne replied.

“Okay.” I responded and focused on my wrap of shawarma.

In the Hollow  of His Hand continues…

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