In the Hollow of His Hand

In The Hollow Of His Hand

In The Hollow Of His Hand
Episode 89

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“Well, his Pop was transferred; that changed our College plans. I tried to stay in touch but he didn’t, so we fell apart but we’re in touch now” I blurted.

I didn’t know whether I was speaking from the point of hurt or the point of forgiveness but I realized that I needed to say that.

“Oh I see. That explains his absence around here.” Bee responded.

I observed Travis for a minute and discovered that he had unanswered questions. I quickly gave him the ‘I will tell you about it later’ look and he was smart enough to decode that.

“Can we eat now; I am famished?” I asked.

“Sure” Pop replied and assigned the duty of blessing the food to Aunt K .

“Father, we thank You; for this happy family, for bringing us together to have dinner. We thank You for Lucas, for Bella, for Charis, for…” she began but we were interrupted by yet another knock on the door.

“Continue; I will get that.” I said as I stood up and headed for the door, wondering who it was.

In the Hollow of His Hand continues…

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